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Residential Design

Your home is your sanctuary!

Together we can create a space that is uniquely yours! With special planning, color consultation, selection of new fabrics accessories & furniture we create a wonderful design together.  With my passion for design, as well as my educational and professional background as a Designer, I strive to deliver smart, stylish, and sophisticated design solutions tailored to fit the needs and vision for each clients space.

Commercial Design

Health care or wellness professional? Restaurateur?

Whether your scope of work is a single room, an entire residence, restaurant, or commercial space, each project that I take on will get my full attention and expert advice to create a unique and personalized result.

Let me help you put your home in perfect order to have a special event or be ready for sale.

Often residents do not see things an outsider can see and having an fresh perspective on your space can give you insight to how to best use your current furnishings, what to move, remove and replace to create an atmosphere that will enhance the use of color, light and spacial plan for use for a special even or for sale of your home


Services include everything listed under Interior Design Services and is 100% customizable to your design needs + budget.  Through email and/or Skype, I will work with you to achieve a stylish interior environment.  I am available to provide you with a complete shopping list and specific resources for selections or simply offer you inspirational ideas to shop on your own.  All you need is access to a computer to take advantage of my E-Design services.


1. No time constraints.  The space can come together at your pace.  Whether you want to execute the room(s) overnight or take 2 years from start to finish, the room(s) can evolve as you’d like.  Once your plan is complete, it’s in your hands. You decide whether to move forward with the exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else.  You’re in control.

2. It’s laidback + comfortable + unintimidating.  Once we correspond via email, you send pictures + dimensions of the room(s) you want to work on, at your convenience.  No cleaning or making sure every space is ‘perfect’.  No need to schedule an appointment.  No need to be home at a certain time.

3. It’s affordable. Working with a designer, is often thought to be very costly and only for those with huge budgets, but that isn’t always true.  When working with me, you will get the expertise of an educated, professional Interior Designer in a very affordable way.  I do the legwork and research to create a one-of-a-kind room and you simply need to execute and wait for the deliveries!


Despite time, distance, and budgetary restraints, the E-Design services provided by SBC Interiors are ideal for residential and light-commercial projects large or small, and are ideal for anyone who would needs inspiration or specific direction to decorate one room or multiple rooms.

Remote Consultation

In addition to E-Design, Sara is available for remote consultation to get your project going. All services can be discussed with the homeowner via Zoom or FaceTime to help design the home of your dreams with out the complications of an in-person visit. All health & safety cautions will be used if an in-person visit becomes  necessary.

See how using a designer can save you money?

  • not making costly mistakes.
  • my business relationships allow me to offer great pricing on designer goods.
  • custom home goods available at a great savings.

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